Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Animal Rights Terrorists

Not that I'm a big fan of federalizing common crimes, but I do have a profound disdain for violence against animals (and children)...so knowing that these kinds of terrorists are being brought to justice warms my heart.

Animal Rights Activists Convicted in NJ Federal Court

The activists were found to have coordinated a campaign of intimidating late-night phone calls, harassing emails, rocks thrown through windows of homes, vandalism of personal automobiles, vandalism of homes, and veiled death threats. To illustrate the effect of the intimidation campaign, prosecutors on the opening day of the trial showed the image of a young boy who, in response to activists' stalking of his mother, would run and hide whenever his home doorbell rang.

"He was cowering behind the door because he thought 'the animal people' were coming to get him," executive assistant U.S. Attorney Charles McKenna explained to jurors.

During the first two weeks of the trial, a woman testified she received an email threatening to cut open her 7-year-old son and poison him; a man testified activists overturned his wife's car and smashed all the windows in his home, showering him with glass; a woman testified masked protestors parked outside her house and videotaped her and her young children, while other protestors verbally abused her through megaphones; and several witnesses testified they felt compelled to change phone numbers, constantly check to see if they were being followed while walking or driving, move to new homes, keep their children from playing outside, and purchase guns for self-defense.

This one speaks for itself.


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