Sunday, May 14, 2006

Podcasting Rules!

I love high-speed internet access!

I recently moved into the 21st Century and got digital cable and Roadrunner….(and who says libertarians aren’t “progressive”?) So now I’ve found that I can download files SO much faster than I could before. I am truly spoiled. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.

My latest obsession: downloading podcasts from iTunes. In fact, there are a whole slew of free downloads of podcasts from variety of sources talking about different things. Of course, I go straight for the politics.

My two favorites are the feeds from the Mises Institute and Freedomain Radio, which features regular podcasts from Stephen Molyneux.

Molyneux’s podcasts focus on various philosophical issues on ethics and morality. As such, most of his podcasts center on politics, economics, and religion. (More politics and economics, but a fair number on religion.) He will occasionally get into social commentary, like movie and literature reviews. He has a very astute sense of logic, a cutting wit, and a charming sense of humor that make every podcast a captivating listen.

The Mises Institute’s podcasts are mostly speeches from various forums that it sponsors, but in my opinion, the best podcasts are the “audiobooks” that its been producing. Two that are in the works are readings of Lew Rockwell’s Speaking of Liberty (an absolutely amazing collection of speeches he’s given over the years - a MUST read/listen for everyone), and now, they are working on getting the Murray Rothbard classic, For A New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto, both back into print and available as an audiobook. The text is already online.

Any of you freedom-loving iPod owners out there…(and even you freedom-hating ones as well)…need to look up these podcasts and make them a regular part of your day. I’ve always believed that the internet will empower ordinary people, making the established media and other sources more and more obsolete. As an extension of that, I believe podcasting, and other sorts of internet “broadcasting” will empower more voices to contribute to society’s internal discussions. Perhaps that’s another reason why I blog.


Blogger Stefan Molyneux, MA said...

Thanks so much for the kind words about FreedomainRadio - I appreciate your support!

All the best,

Stefan Molyneux

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Libertarian Jason said...! Thanks for reading my blog!!

12:47 PM  

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