Monday, May 15, 2006

Bush On TV Tonight to Placate Anti-Immigrant Forces

The President will be on TV tonight, alledgedly to let Americans know what bold new initiative he is planning to "solve" the immigration "crisis". I'm sure it'll be a speech filled with the same old platitudes. However, what every person listening to the speech should keep in mind is the following:

In a free society, the only "crimes" are those actions which cause direct harm to another individual and/or his or her property.

So, in the case of "illegal" immigration, what exactly is the crime? Who is the victim?

Answer: nothing, and no one.

On this issue, the term "illegal" is a strictly artificial construct. It presumes that the State will create various designations for individuals ("legal" and "illegal") and will place its stamp of approval on who may and who may not excercise their basic human rights to peacefully associate with other individuals of their choosing - to live and work wherever they are able to secure such things for themselves in an honest and peaceful fashion. It asserts that the "pursuit of happiness" is not a right, but rather, a State granted privelege. And it says that Americans who want to do business with "illegals" are committing an action similar in principle to rape, murder, or theft, and should be punished for their infraction.

Say what you want about welfare benefits, or taxes, or language and cultural issues. The bottom line is that the anti-immigrant crowd views the State as the ultimate source of basic human rights. This is the working principle behind their position.


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