Thursday, May 11, 2006

Interesting Developments in Indiana

My Other-Half’s mother lives over in Indiana, and recently came to visit. She is your typical run-of-the-mill Christian-Conservative John Bircher type. On these occasions, I typically avoid engaging in political discussions, as its never productive to argue with someone who has their head up their ass.

In any event, she was just itching to tell me about the latest "news" in Indiana, in which the leader of the Senate, President Pro Tem Robert Garton, was upset by an upstart challenger, Greg Walker. This rang as good news to her because, in keeping with her conspiracy-theory-filled views, this indicates that those in power are susceptible, and therefore vulnerable. The conspiracy will falter.

I agreed with her that it was a startling development, and that I had already heard about it because Libertarian Kenn Gividen will be throwing his hat in the ring. I said that this bodes very well for our Libertarian candidate because Walker, an extremist Republican who has openly endorsed public floggings of criminals, is clearly not going to appeal to moderates enough to win the election.

"Well, they only say that he’s extreme because Walker is a ‘Christian’, and he refuses to go where they want him to be."

Well, that may be so…but the fact of the matter is, Gividen is a Baptist minister. So what exactly is her point?

Gividen is a much more rational, civilized, and reasonable candidate who can appeal to traditionalists, fiscal conservatives, and moderates alike. Likewise, recognizing the proper limits of government, he has things to offer liberals as well. Walker will probably only appeal to nut-case John Birch Society types and head-in-the-sand Republican types who won’t stop a minute and consider their alternatives.

Oh yeah, and I’m sure he’ll corner the B/D/S/M Enthusiast voting block.

(Maybe he’ll give out nipple clamps with "Vote for Walker" printed on the side as a campaign goodie.)

I think it’ll be interesting to watch what happens in that race. Of course, I’m not expecting any miracles, but it’ll be interesting to watch the course of the campaign.

You may visit Gividen’s campaign website here.


Blogger Mike Kole said...

That's an interesting combination of voters for Walker- S&M afficionadoes and the religious right.

Gividen has a great opportunity to seperate himself from Walker by appealing to the fiscal conservatives who are turned off by Walker's ridiculous position. As a Baptist minister, Kenn may even peel off many social conservatives who get how misguided Walker is.

So far, the Democrat hasn't done anything to make himself known, which futher bodes well for Kenn!

11:48 AM  

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