Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rally on the Anniversary of Kelo!

From my inbox. Rumor has it that there will be some people attempting to organize local rallies, including one down in Cincinnati near the area where the Norwood theft took place. Stay tuned!


Friday, June 23, 2006, marks the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in Kelo v. City of New London. While it served a devastating blow to the rights of property owners nationwide, this universally-reviled decision has served more as a beginning than an end. Since June 23, 2005, every state that has been in session has introduced legislation to curb the unconstitutional and immoral takings the Kelo decision permits. 18 states have enacted legislation to provide some increased form of defense against eminent domain abuse to property owners, and four other bills are awaiting governors' signatures - even in the face of vigorous opposition from the beneficiaries of this abuse of power. Activists across the country are standing-up for their homes, small businesses and churches - demanding protection of a most fundamental right. And Susette Kelo still lives in her little pink house alongside her neighbors, waiting resolutely for a decision to be made on what will become of her dream home and fighting day-by-day to stay.

The Castle Coalition is organizing rallies, vigils and other events nationwide around the time of the anniversary of the Kelo decision - Friday, June 23 - to show that the battle between tax-hungry governments and land-hungry developers and property owners is more intense than ever. If you are interested in organizing a rally or vigil in your community, please contact me as soon as possible. We can provide you with materials and organizational advice and alert our members to your event. We will also include your rally or vigil on a nationwide press release we will send out alerting the media to the events occurring nationwide. Closer to the anniversary, we will send you talking points, a sample letter to the editor and a draft press release to aid you in your efforts.

This is a wonderful opportunity to highlight your local battle and emphasize its connection to the movement to stop eminent domain abuse that is sweeping the nation. And don't worry if you don't think you can attract a large crowd; the most important thing is to hold some sort of event to show that citizens nationwide stand together against eminent domain abuse.

We will help you every step of the way. Please don't pass up this opportunity to take a historic and momentous stand against eminent domain abuse! Let me know if you have any questions and if you're interested in organizing an event, please let me know by no later than Tuesday, May 23, so we can get the planning process started.

Christina Walsh
Assistant Castle Coalition Coordinator
Institute for Justice
901 N. Glebe Road, Suite 900
Arlington, VA 22203 (703) 682-9320


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