Saturday, January 19, 2008

When You Can't Respond to Reason and Logic...

...simply pretend the argument doesn't exist.

That seems to be the strategy for intellectual discourse among those on "The Right", when confronted by arguments that expose their anti-individual liberty, anti-Constitution, and anti-human rights positions.

James at The Right On! blog recently had a number of anti-immigration articles on which we had begun to debate. As I made the case for individual liberty more soundly, poking holes in his logic and showing the inconsistancies and absurdities of his position, my comments were "accidentally" deleted by his spam filter, not once, but twice.

Note to self: I guess I should have saved my comments and reposted them here.

Anyway, it is his blog, and he can do whatever he'd like in terms of moderating whatever goes on over there... but making any claims of intellectual integrity would not seem to be one of them.


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