Thursday, January 17, 2008

Independent Country: Ron Paul and the Libertarian "Movement"

Ron Paul has been quite contentious among libertarians. Even I have waffled on whether to support Paul, and to what degree.

So, James Leroy Wilson over at Independent Country wrote this post, breaking down the argument why politically active libertarians and/or anarcho-capitalists should put aside their reservations and support him. He says,

Does Paul's anti-immigration stand contradict market-anarchism principles? Part of it undoubtedly does.

Does Paul's strict Constitutionalism and concern for national sovereignty always cohere with pure libertarianism? No.

Is Paul's federalist view of the abortion question and personal pro-life stance (and his federalist stance on church-state questions) fatal to the libertarian cause? Personally, I don't think so, but maybe it is.

Is Paul a "heretic" on some issues important to libertarians? You could say so.

Will Paul's old newsletters that catered to populist and paleo-conservative prejudices discredit the "movement" to abolish the state? Will it discredit the "movement" to get libertarian majorities? Perhaps; at worst Paul may have marginally reduced the chances of accomplishing the impossible.

But for me, the key questions are: Is Paul correct on the war? Is Paul correct on civil liberties? Is Paul correct on money? Does Paul support tax and spending cuts? The answers are Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes. Does any other candidate bat higher than .500 on these issues? NO, and most bat .000.

Yeah. He just about nailed it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring the politics, and anything else. Never censored.

Keep the ideas flowing, it is the only way to salvage what is left in our country.


12:20 AM  
Anonymous Tax Rebel said...

Tax Season is upon us!!

Here's an idea: Target the H&R Block Tax Preparation outlets, where people are stepping out from having to pay Uncle Sam a huge share of their livelihood or where they've been disappointed to learn Uncle Sam has kept more $$ than they ever expected.

Hand these people a Ron Paul message of hope: ABOLISH THE IRS!!!!!

You can't lose!


2:35 AM  
Anonymous blogcruiser said...

Go Ron Paul!

9:35 AM  

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