Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Romney: Wannabe Emporer and Health-Care Commissar

Mitt Romney wants to be Emporer of the World, and insists that if he’s awarded that position, the Empire will never collapse.

Mitt Romney: I won't let US go the way of UK

The United States is in danger of becoming a "second-tier" nation like Britain and other European countries if Hillary Clinton wins the White House, according to Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential contender.
The assumption here is that Democrats, in general, are "appeasers", and their willingness to "cut and run" will spell the end of American military prestige. Foreigners will no longer fear us, and will be encouraged to attack us. As we cower away from our enemies, and our ability to project strength and domination of these foreigners dwindles, then our empire will crumble. America, instead of becoming a thousand year Reich, will become just another addition to history’s heap of failed empires.

Of course, this is just pure B.S. First of all, Hillary is just as bloodthirsty as any Republican. That Democrats and other "progressives" who are anti-war – or at least anti-Bush - can seriously entertain thoughts of support for her is laughable. And second, Romney has it all exactly backwards: Britain and Europe have become "second-tier" nations because of their historical tendencies of militarism and empire.

In short: The pursuit of Empire is what will destroy America, not steering away from it. Romney needs to bone up on his history.

America's health system should remain privately rather than government run, he insisted. "I do not want to go the way of England and Canada when it comes to healthcare," he said.

The irony here is that Massachusetts, under Romney, enacted one of the most expansive government intrusions into health care to date. The fact that he’s blasting Hillary on this issue, attempting to dredge up recollections of her absurd attempt to bring socialized medicine to the US, is just laughable. But what’s his solution? He has an equally rediculous idea about health care, and his assertion that health care should remain in the private sector is just flat out contradictory to his record.

And for those of you who wonder just why Romney Care will be a disaster, here is a Cato Institute analysis of the issue.


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