Monday, October 29, 2007

Blame the Victim, Says A Christian Conservative

Here's a lovely story about the actions of our beloved airport security Nazis.

I have an acquaintance who is devout in his mindless support of All Things Republican, and will not hesitate to defend any and all government policies in general, and of the Bush regime in particular. Lately, he’s taken up the delusion that Bush should be loved by all because "he’s kept us safe from terrorists" – his evidence being that no more terrorist attacks have taken place on U.S soil since 9/11, and there have been a few alleged "plots" (that, ironically, cannot be revealed) that have been broken up. Of course, the fact that the current Iraq war – and the threat ofa new war with Iran – is engendering more and more hatred of America worldwide, destroying our moral credibility, and boosting recruitment for terrorist organizations are inconvenient facts to be overlooked because they don't fit with the dogma. But hey, who needs empirical reality, right?

Overall, my friend – while claiming to be conservative – really embraces the idea that government is the master and individual citizens are the servants whose duty it is to submit and be compliant like good little sheep. Ordinary citizens need to sit down, shut up, and do what they are told. Government is the boss!

When he saw this story, not surprisingly, he had no problem with the reaction of the TSA agent. His reaction was it was the fault of the airline passenger for objecting to the destruction of his property. He doesn’t recognize that that TSA agent had any responsibility to – at the very least – be apologetic and helpful, to provide a little customer service, in this case. Its all about authority and domination. I broke your laptop? Tough shit! Get out of my face or I’ll toss you in a jail cell!

I asked my friend if a customer of his came into his workplace, and he accidentally broke the guy's laptop, what his reaction would be. Would he be able to get away with telling the guy to take a hike? Or would he fall all over himself trying to apologize and help make restitution for having an accident? We all know the answer to that. But it is completely outside the imagination of my State-Worshipping friend to consider that government should not act abusively to people. In fact, its just the opposite. Government abuse should be expected and tolerated.

This is the masochistic face of modern day Christian conservative Republicans, my friends. They are scary people, indeed!


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