Monday, October 29, 2007

Terminally Ill SiCKO Released in UK

Earlier this year, Michael Moore released a new "documentary" called SiCKO, an expose on the modern health care industry/propaganda piece for socialized medicine. I’ve not actually seen the film, but have heard numerous critiques, commentaries, and debates about the film. From most of these, I gather that, while Moore has some legitimate complaints about the current system, he fundamentally misdiagnoses the problem, and his prescription for what needs to be done is off base. What’s an even worse, critics charge the film is intentional in it’s misrepresentation of the facts, and Moore’s credibility falls squarely into the "propagandist" category. Just as his film Bowling for Columbine was rife with distortions, half-truths, and contextual misrepresentations, it would seem that SiCKO is tragically following this path. Either Moore is an incredibly sloppy filmmaker, or he a biased ideologue dishonestly masquerading as an impartial observer. In either case, we can only hope that enough people see through this to prevent Moore’s ideas from getting implemented.

Now, the film has been released in the UK, where many of the scenes from the film were filmed. While Moore wishes to gloriously hail the European model of health care, there are people there who wonder what sort of hallucinagenics Moore was consuming when he analyzed the British system.


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