Friday, October 26, 2007

Recruiters Lying to Prospective Enlistees? You're Kidding Me!

(Hat tip to Lawrence Vance, and his AMAZING article this morning on Lew on seven reasons why no one should join the military.)

Army Recruiters Accused of Misleading Students to Get Them to Enlist

So here we have a story about recruiters lying to prospective recruits to get them to enlist. Is anyone surprised by this story? I’m not.

I’ve known a handful of people who have served in the military over the years. Some were friends from high school, others people I have met since. And almost to a person, I’ve heard the same thing. What the recruiter told them turned out to be just pure bunk. A guy in my office is retired from the Air Force. He has a family friend that recently joined the National Guard, only after being told that they don’t send the National Guard to Iraq. The husband of an old friend of mine enlisted in the Air Force a number of years back. He was promised by his recruiter that he could go into the medical field as a physical therapist. Many others I knew were promised all sorts of things that later turned out to be pie-in-the-sky.

What we need to recognize is that the recruiter is essentially a sales person. He is going to do and say anything he can to make the sale. Normally, this would be a dispicable practice that, if it were done by a private sector business, would be grounds for a lawsuit, if not crinimal charges for fraud. But this is the government, you see. Fraud is part and parcel of how it operates. There is no accountability when the State’s priorities are at risk.


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