Wednesday, January 09, 2008

One More Thought on Boortz and Paul

...and then I'm done talking about Faux Libertarian Boortz. (For the time being, anyway.)

So I was watching this YouTube clip of some coverage of Ron Paul's post primary rally, and his address to his supporters. In the beginning, he makes the remark that his #1 policy is "individual liberty and our Constitution".

How many times have you heard Neal Boortz gripe about Americans who value security over liberty?

And Neal won't endorse Paul because he's afraid of "Islamofascists".

Neal, it would seem, is too scared to ask for liberty. He wants security, first.

Poor guy.

Here is the video.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boortz is best regarded an extreme conservative with an animous for the religious right. However a case can be made for his being a libertarian whose opinions on various issues do not square with his stated principles. He willingly acknowleges the non-agression precept, but often fails to practice what he so often preaches in the abstract.

2:27 AM  

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