Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Couple of Ron Paul Items

Look up in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane?

No, it’s a Ron Paul Blimp!

Wow. Where do people come up with these ideas?

And would you believe Huckabee is trying to copy Ron Paul’s amazing November 5th fundraising feast, doing his own “money bomb”? Unfortunately, not only is it turning out to be a HUGE failure, but once Ron Paul’s supporters caught wind of it, they started their own money bomb, and within 5 hours surpassed Huckabee’s measly earnings for the day. You can see a graph of it here.

I mean, has anyone ever heard of Huckabee? I don't know a single person that does know who he is, let alone supports him. Hell, he couldn't beat him in a BLIND poll!


Blogger James said...

Huckabee is actually catching up to folks like Romney in Iowa (recent polling by ABC etc.).

I don't see much WRONG with him and I know a lot of people who support him. The only thing I really don't like is that he's a big PATRIOT Act supporter, he supports raising the min-wage and a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages. If I had a choice though, between Romney and Huckabee though I'd vote for Huckabee if I had no other options.

I'm still writing in Ron Paul unless someone REALLY catches my attention soon.

3:49 PM  

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