Monday, November 19, 2007

THINKFuture and Ron Paul

I can’t stand TV. I barely tolerate the radio. I get most of my news from the internet. And I also love listening to podcasts. Since I got a highspeed connection about a year and a half ago, downloading is so much more efficient.

So I’m always looking for new podcast series to subscribe to. I have iTunes and there are tons of feeds that are offered for free. Among my favorite podcasts are the Mises Institute, Freedomain Radio, and Every now and then I will do some random searches to find what else is being offered out there, and subscribe for a while to try them out.

When I do that, I find some good ones, some mediocre ones, and some boring ones. I usually will listen to a series for a week or two, and if it doesn’t wow me with new, inspiring, or educational thoughts, I will unsubscribe. I’m about to do that with one series called “THINKFuture”, hosted by a guy named Chris Future who claims to be libertarian. In reality, he’s more like a moderate neocon (if there is such a thing) with definite populist leanings, who self-identifies as a libertarian because…well…let’s face it: the word libertarian is cool. I mean a guy who markets his podcast series to people who would love Hannity, Limbaugh, and Savage obviously has no real understanding of libertarian philosophy, and listening to some of his ideas, one can pick that up immediately. Moreover, he's really not all that original, and not all that different from whatever you'll hear on "regular" radio.

Having said that, I was much surprised to hear him speak highly of Ron Paul in a recent podcast. After playing a truly inspiring clip of Ron Paul explaining his position to an interviewer, Future notes that he’s “drinking the kool-aid” (note the Hannityism), and beginning to warm up to Ron Paul's message of liberty, peace, limited government, and free markets.

I applaud Future for giving Paul’s ideas a fair shake. They are, after all, the only rational and consistent ones out there. On top of that, they are the only ones that will, on the whole, lead to the preservation of liberty and greater prosperity for America. Sure, Paul isn’t perfect. I’ve got some serious issues with some of his positions. But on the whole, he is light-years closer to me than anyone else, who, I would dare say, I cannot find a single thing to agree with. So, for me, its either vote for Paul or not vote at all. Voting for an establishment guy just for the sake of voting is not only foolish, but counterproductive. And if Future truly wants freedom, he's needs to stop giving Rudy, Mitt, or Hillary any kind of respect.


Anonymous James said...

I have a strong feeling I'm going to be writing in a vote for anyone I can think of on election day as rumors are popping up that Rudy is eying Rick Perry as a VP running mate if he is given the vote.

Rick Perry scares the crap out of me, not to mention Rudy is far from ideal for me.

11:37 AM  
Blogger thinkfuture said...

Hi Jason: thanks for the plug! I actually always believed that Ron Paul was the best choice - I just worry that he doesn't have enough of a chance in this two party system - even though he is running for the GOP, he, to me, feels more like a third party candidate. While I deeply wish he could win, I'm unsure that we will be able to help him fight that uphill battle. I work work for his campaign once I can - I have a few things to deal with first but plan to be a huge Paul supporter starting next month - I will be kicking all that off on my 500th show.

I understand that you feel that my show is not really libertarian - while my personal philosophy is - I have kind of muted the message for my show - you are right to criticize me as not being more wholly libertarian. I should do better at letting my personal philosophy out on my show, which is in my definition, libertarian lite.

Having said that - while I agree with most of the libertarian platform - namely personal freedoms and fiscal responsibility - free minds and free market - ala Reason Mag style, I do differ on a few issues which strike me close to home - such as illegal immigration (as a legal immigrant)and terrorism(I lost family in the 9/11 attacks). My solution for the formal is make it easier to emigrate legally (not remove all barriers as some libertarians are calling for) and change up the military to work in smaller autonomous units similar to the kind of people we are fighting.

Thanks again - glad I found you blog and I hope that you don't unsubscribe! I will start reading your blog now - if there are any particular issues you'd like me to address on my show please let me know...

Oh ya and BTW, I don't give anyone else up there any respect, said just that today on my show - which I read prior to your post...


2:46 PM  

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