Monday, November 19, 2007

Blackwell Promotes Warmongers As Exemplars of Christian Values

After Ken Blackwell was spanked like a red-headed stepchild in last year’s governor’s race, he has taken up a position as a scholar at Ohio’s Holding Tank for Failed Politicos, The Buckeye Institute. From there, he issues commentary on various issues of the day.

In a recent article, he mentions how social conservatives are still impacting the race for the GOP nomination. In predictable fashion, he runs down the list of presidential wannabes and cites their endorsements by various religious groups and other socially conservative special interest groups.

Actually, he mentions all the candidates but one. Ron Paul. Coincidence? Or just continuing his usual intellectual dishonesty, laziness, and/or complete absence of integrity?

Ron Paul is probably more conservative than all of the other GOP candidates combined. He’s a Christian. He’s been married to the same woman for like 50 years. He’s about as “strict constructionist” as they get. And he consistently ranks at the top of many indicies gauging conservative policymaking. Like here and here. Do any other searches on such criteria, and you are likely to find Paul in the high 90s, if not 100%, of Conservative rankings. Endorsements from conservative religious leaders? Pastor Chuck Baldwin says there is only one choice for President. And there is an entire website devoted to Christians who support his candidacy.

So why does Ken overlook this?

I think because Paul is identified as a libertarian in many circles. He was the LPs candidate for president in 1988, and he is much admired by libertarians everywhere.

Ken Blackwell, as we all know, hates libertarians. He hates them so much, he made it his mission as Secretary of State to keep the Libertarian Party of Ohio from gaining ballot access. When we were off starting a war in Iraq for, rhetorically, the purpose of “spreading democracy”, Blackwell was working actively to suppress it here at home.

So now that he is no longer in government, he is using his platform as a “public intellectual” to give a boost to the field of warmongers that want to become the next American Emporer. Sure, he’s free to say and do whatever he’d like, and he’s certainly can ignore Ron Paul if he likes.

But the rest of us know the truth. Blackwell doesn’t have 1/100th of the ideological integrity that Paul has.


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