Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Marion/Morrow County Libertarians Prepare to Fight A Backdoor Tax Increase

I got this one in my inbox. Ed Schambs is the local coordinator for the Libertarian Party in Morrow County. Of course, it makes sense that when the politicians can't get their tax increases, they would resort to backdoor tricks like the ones Ed describes below.

If anyone lives in or near these areas and wants to help out, I would encourage you to attend thier next meeting. I've included his email at the end. -LJ


Good evening,

We were successful in helping efforts to vote down two of the three area school levies that appeared on the ballot this month. We barely had a chance to pat ourselves on the back when we began receiving our new tax assessments this week. The Marion County auditor, who is a former school teacher, dished out her own version of "blowback" by increasing my property assessment by nearly $30,000. Several people I've been in contact with from the local grassroots tax protesters have seen their property assessments increase by 400% to as high as 700%. People around here are getting mad as hell. The only good thing I can say is people aren't apathetic anymore and don't intend on taking this lying down. Anyone with any sense at all can see the obvious collusion between the school districts and our county auditor.

I'm looking forward to our Marion/Morrow County meeting next Monday. I want to put the everyone on notice--that we may be calling all of you for HELP WITH ACTIVISM within the next couple of months.

Marion / Morrow County Libertarian Party Meeting
Sumo's Bar and Grill
306 South Marion Street
Waldo, Ohio
Monday, November 26th, between 7 and 9 pm.

In liberty,


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