Sunday, October 21, 2007

Torture is Morally Acceptable!

...says the Bush regime, and its supporters. Destroying the soul of another human is perfectly ok, according to our Republican friends.

US defends its harsh treatment of an American citizen

US officials did not violate any clearly established constitutional rights when they held a US citizen in isolated military detention without charge for nearly four years and subjected him to harsh interrogation techniques.
Mental-health experts who have examined Padilla say the experience has left him with severe mental disabilities, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

Today's conservatives don't believe in the traditions of western jurisprudence that have evolved over the past 800 years. Our President, and his ideological allies, wish to free the Chief Executive from all restraints - Constitutional, ethical, and moral - so that he is free to kill, torture, maim, bomb, shoot, hang, gas, nuke, strangle, rape, brutalize, and engage in any other form of violence that he wishes against anyone he so chooses.

God Bless the Fuhrer!


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