Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Eye of the Tiger

You know, for as "out of the loop" I’ve been this past two months, I was surprised to see that very few blogs are talking about Stephanie Studebaker being charged in a domestic violence altercation.

I mean…if this isn’t proof that the Democrats really want to fight, then what is? I bet this story was really just a misunderstanding. Her husband was probably just a sparring partner, acting as a stand in for Mike Turner, and she got carried away. Yeah, that’s it, I’m sure.

Its funny to me what kind of people are attracted to the Democrat and Republican parties. Granted, we Libertarians have our nutcases, so I’m not throwing any stones here. But the difference between Ds, Rs, and smaller parties, is that supporters of the big two like to hold people from the smaller parties to an incredibly higher standard than they do with the big two. So many times, it’s like unless a smaller party is absolutely perfect - from every position from A to Z, to every candidate that has ever run, or any person that has every uttered the word "libertarian" – then smaller parties are just not worth considering. Yet, time and time again, when the most corrupt, morally bankrupt, hypocritical people are touted as "candidates", throngs of people mindlessly get on board, chanting and cheering…and voting for these people.

Now, I’m not saying Studebaker is any of those adjectives – she may or may not be, I just don’t know. But my point is that this sort of thing will be swept under the rug and after this election, few will ever cast the Democratic Party as "The Grand Old Punching Bag". If this were the Libertarian party, for example, a situation like this would cause people to forever turn their backs on the party, as people write off the whole movement as inherently corrupt.

On a personal note, I feel bad for Studebaker, and her kids. Its terrible to be wasting your life away in what is obviously a profoundly corrupted emotional relationship, and it’s equally horrible for her children to grow up exposed to such naked violence. Of course, their mother did seek a career in politics, in which violence is the essence, so its just absurd to think that violence isn’t already a way of life for the Studebakers. Maybe the silver lining to this is that exposure to such trauma may encourage a reflection on their family values down the road. Who knows?

For now, Mike Turner can uncork the champagne, put away the campaign's checkbook, and go looking for more ways to expand government, destroy the economy, and shred the Constitution. His reelection is assured.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Going through changes, be back soon....

Dear Friends, State Lovers, and Other Readers...

I apologize for the lack of activity here over the past month. I have been going through some major life changes, which should steady themselves out in the next couple of weeks. At that time, I should get back to blogging, and will have lots to talk about.

In the meantime, I can say I'm mildly surprised to read that Senator Joe Lieberman was defeated in his primary by an anti-war opponent. Could this be the start of a sea change in the Democratic party to finally give some voice to the anti-war movement?

I know all those bloodthirsty neocons like Hannity and such will be howling in despair over this defeat. Lieberman has been their boy for quite some time. But now that a somewhat prominent political figure has fallen over the war issue, one begins to wonder what other changes might we see come November.

In any event... I look forward to returning to Yearning to Breathe Free, and posting regularly. See you soon!