Friday, May 19, 2006

Alabama: Turning Back the Clock on Human Rights

Hat tip to the Hammer of Truth

Just in case you thought that ballot access laws were simply a way to keep the democratic processes "orderly", think again. Ballot access laws are a weapon the politically entrenched use to suppress, and oppress, competition. Its the way Democrats and Republicans keep new voices from being heard. Open and fair elections are dangerous things (to them, that is), which is why they need to use the law to hamstring their political opponents.

In Alabama, the same place where authorities unleashed high-powered waterhoses and police dogs on peaceful civil rights marchers, we now find police harassing petitioners who are simply trying to get the Libertarian Party candidate on the ballot.

Nice, huh?

And we just fought a war to bring democracy to Iraq? Yet, we stifle it here at home. Wonderful.


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