Wednesday, February 27, 2008

States Rights, Properly Understood

The funny thing is, the conversations I seem to have always seem to work in themes. I'll converse with people who don't know each other about similar topics or issues. It's really weird how that happens to work.

Perhaps, there is a conspiracy afoot. Hmm.

Anyway, a theme of some conversations recently were on the original construction of the republic, the Constitution, and "states rights". We are so far removed from what our framers created, I doubt that they would recognize the nation they founded. The warnings of anti-federalists like Patrick Henry seem awfully prescient.

These conversations brought to mind a couple of podcasts that I've enjoyed, which helped guide my understanding of such matters. The first one is a lecture by Tom Woods, author of the best selling "The Politically Incorrect Guide to History", entitled, The Principles of '98, and discusses the Jeffersonian origins of the States' Rights tradition, beginning with the infamous Kentucky Resolutions.

The second was a lecture by economic historian and author of a bunch of books, (and featured banquet speaker for the upcoming Libertarian Party of Ohio convention) Tom DiLorenzo, titled "The Classical Liberal States' Rights Tradition" . (Video of this lecture can be viewed here.)

These are awesome lectures on the history of the decentralized power structure that was the intent of the Founding Fathers. They run counter to our modern policies of central authority, empire, and hegemony.

Give them a listen.


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