Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He-Man Cop Beats Woman to Bloody Pulp, His Manhood Is Proven

I can't think of another profession where you can mercilessly beat a woman to a bloody pulp, and get away with it.

...unless you are caught on tape, that is. But hey...if there is no recorded evidence of a 200+ lb man brutally assaulting a woman half his size, then there is no crime, right?

Watch this video of a cop attempting to book a woman suspected of DWI. He turns off the camera, and when it turns back on, she's lying in a pool of her own blood, and has to be taken out on a stretcher. She's even still in hand-cuffs.

How wonderful. Your tax dollars at work.

Are you proud?

This is the nature of the State, people: violence. The people that are drawn to law enforcement career are people who crave power. The power to bully others that comes with donning a badge is like cocaine to these people. It is the deep, dark longing in their diseased souls.

Saying this out loud, of course, will illicit shrieks of hysteria. Ack!! These people want to protect and serve!! They would protect you if you needed help!!

Well..maybe so. But these same "public servants" would not think twice about turning their guns on me if I refused to pay their "protection money." Just as they think they are entitled to beat handcuffed women who might be just a little feisty, they would have no problem assaulting someone who objected to their racket.

The best thing that could happen is if we abolished the government monopoly in police services, and allowed a more competitive market place to occur. As what happens in all free and open marketplaces, service quality would be improved, costs would be lowered, and abuses by officers who violated the rights of individuals (accused or not) could be soundly punished.

In this case, I am glad to see the police officer was fired. But what does it say that he is not being charged with a crime and sentenced to prison? And he's appealing his suspension? What kind of maniac is this??

Oh wait. He's from the government. He's only here to help.


Blogger The Squeaky Wheel said...

This guy is an ass to be sure, but your broad strokes about cops is no worse than saying all blacks steal because one is caught on tape.

And you want a private police? Didn't German try that a few years ago?

10:27 PM  
Blogger Libertarian Jason said...

Squeaker -

I'm not sure that is an apple-to-apple analogy. Black people (of any ethnic or racial group) are not genetically preprogrammed to act the way they do because of their skin color. If someone were to make that type of assertion, you would find me labeling them a mindless racist.

This is an issue of psychology, and goes more to the intrinsic qualities of the individual personality. People who spend their lives in pursuit of power (politicians, government bureucrats, etc.) are doing it for a reason. Power is like a drug. And all government employees have it to some degree or another, as do most people who instinctively think that the solution to any problem is to pass a law about it.

Speaking from my own experience... My opinion on this issue derive largely from personal experience, but there are tons of literary sources to back this up. The kids that I went to high school with that went into the military after highschool were also the kids who were most likely to be bullies, from broken homes, drug users, petty criminals, etc. Kids who were a bit more genteel and rational, were the ones most likely to go to college, seeking to become engineers, business people, teachers, doctors, etc.

As an adult, I've met plenty of people who were in the military and law enforcement. In fact, I'm related to quite a number of ex-military, ex-cops. It is my unequivical opinion that all of them have a unique personality trait in common... the propensity for domination and bullying. I've heard stories from a number of them that leads me to believe that "police brutality" (a redundnant term) is far more common than is perceived.

As far as private police... I'm not aware of the example you cite. Can you tell me more?


11:00 PM  

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