Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Neal Boortz Guide to Voting

On his show notes this morning, Neal Boortz lists out what he sees as the main points to pick your candidates. I love how he lists Huckabee here, who’s broke and washed up, and I predict will drop out in the next couple of days, but he ignores Ron Paul who agrees with him on 99% of all the issues, has more money than God, and a very passionate network of grassroots support.

Boortz says:

Mitt Romney: Someone once said that the business of America is business. Mitt Romney has shown astounding success as a businessman.
John McCain: There is no question about his dedication to the cause of protecting our nation from Islamic radicalism. For some, this is the most important issue in the election. His experience in Washington makes Hillary's so-called experience look like nothing more than a quick tour of the White House.
Mike Huckabee: First, he's a genuinely nice guy. Second ... a vote for Huckabee is a vote for the FairTax. This will be a signal to many candidates that although Mike doesn't really stand a chance of winning the nomination .. he still enjoys voter support because of his promotion of the FairTax.
Hillary Clinton: The Dick Morris scenario. Hillary will be such a complete and total disaster as president that a disgusted America will put the Republicans right back in control of the congress in two years.
Barack Obama: He's not Hillary.

Mitt Romney:
Stalwart opponent of the FairTax, though with no logical reason.
John McCain: Campaign finance reform .. the attack on political free speech.
Mike Huckabee: Precursor to a theocracy?
Hillary Clinton: Where do we start. She's a lying megalomaniac.
Barack Obama: This guy really showed an affinity for Marxist professors in college and law school. He's the most liberal Democrat candidate in decades ... perhaps ever.

Ok, allow me to correct Boortz’s obvious oversight (choke!):

Reasons to vote for Ron Paul: The Constitution. Dramatic cuts in spending. Wants to abolish the IRS and the income tax. Supports restoring a sound monetary system. Will end the war and scale back the Empire.

Reasons to not vote for Ron Paul: You actually want more government, more taxes, more inflation, and more war.


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