Sunday, February 03, 2008

Open Letter to Conservatives

Although this article is entitled, "An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh" , I think it could very well be an open letter to all those conservatives who are worried about a McCain nomination. Author Allan Davis says,
There's only one thing standing between John McCain and the nomination – and a Hillary presidency – and that's a brokered convention. Without a lock on the nomination, the party gains a few more months to cool off, examine their priorities, rethink the election. In a convention, the delegates become a captive audience, forced to listen to a voice of reason. Hopefully, someone besides John McCain can come out of the convention on top.

The only way to force a brokered to advise your audience to support Ron Paul. Yes, it just might be the ultimate in "lesser of two evils" voting. But, there are likely only one or two issues where you and he really disagree, and he has to be closer to your opinions than any of the other candidates.

As persuasive as I think this is, I don't hold out much hope that Conservatives will now flock to Ron Paul. Most Conservatives I know are firmly in the grip of a "war at all costs" mentality, and although Paul gives them 99% of what else they want, they won't give up their fantasies of imperial greatness. But because they can't get over Paul's opposition to Empire, they are going to end up with a nominee that will give them the 1% that they can't get from Paul, and that's about it.

They'll consider turning their back on tax cuts, judges, and immigration...but war? Never!!

In the end, I expect that they'll hold their nose and compromise on every other issue that's important to them, because war and empire mean just that much more to them.


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