Sunday, February 03, 2008

Who Is Your Enemy?

Stefan Molyneux of FreedomainRadio put out a superb podcast that really puts the heat on the anti-immigrant crowd. (Note: clicking link may take a few moments for podcast to start playing. Patience.)

Although I don’t agree the title of the podcast (Podcast # 962: “Why Libertarianism Fails, Part 3”) is a very good description for the topic of discussion, the podcast is really provactive and puts the sword to the throat of those who believe the State should do something about the "invasion" of "illegal" immigrants. He completely demolishes the idea that being anti-immigration is anything but the worst, most hideous form of Statism, completely anti-liberty, and truly inhumane.

At the climax of the talk, he says (and I don’t have any transcription software to do this accurately, so this may not be 100% verbatim),
Who is the threat here, I mean really? Who is the threat? Is it the guy picking blueberries under the hot noon-day sun, a job that you would never want? Making the price of fruit cheaper for you and your family? Is it that guy who’s out picking blueberries for a couple a bucks an hour? Is that guy really your enemy? Is that the person who is threatening your freedom?

Or is it perhaps, the political class, the rulers, the REAL rulers with their B-52s, and their nuclear weapons, and their aircraft carriers, and their 700-plus military bases all over the world, raping women in Okinawa, occupying Japan and extracting money through force, occupying every single continent except for Antarctica, blowing up hundreds of thousands of highly volatile and aggressive Muslims, throwing YOU in jail if you fail to pay off their money (demands), throwing YOU in jail if you happen to smoke a little vegetation, throwing YOU in jail if they want your property and you resist, throwing YOU in jail for any one of the millions of petty regulations that are thrown up to block and impede the natural progress of the free markets?

Is it the guy picking your fruit who’s really your enemy?

Or is it the people who will throw you in the rape rooms of American prisons if you so much as cross or question their commandments, who can invent laws to enslave you and have enslaved you, who run up massive national debts that are going to cripple the economic possibilities of your future and your children’s future, who provoke conflicts around the world, who declare war, who maim you, who force you to pay for unjust wars?

Is it the guy picking your fruit, or picking your pocket, with a gun to your temple?
My only comment is: Damn! I wish I wrote that.


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