Friday, December 21, 2007

THINKFuture, A Revised Opinion

A while back, I posted a blog entry discussing a "libertarian" podcast series I had been listening to, and indicated that I was about ready to write it off for being too mediocre, and slightly boring. To my surprise, the host of that show somehow stumbled across my blog entry and posted a comment encouraging me to continue listening.

Of course, how could I turn down an appeal like that?

So, I continued to listen for a while, figuring I'd give the show another chance to shine. What did I have to lose. And what happened?

Wouldn't you know, the show actually showed a marked improvement in its quality!

Mea culpa. I may have cast judgement a bit too soon.

So, I'd like to encourage everyone to head over to the THINKFuture webpage and give listen to this podcast series. If you are like me and have iTunes, you can subscribe to it for free through the iTunes store. Personally, I think "new media" sources like podcasts and blogs need all the encouragement and support that they can get. The THINKFuture series is a pretty good one, and Chris Future, its host, does a pretty good job throwing up ideas to think and talk about.


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