Monday, November 05, 2007

Dictatorship in Pakistan Continues

Bush’s buddy in the War on "Terror" is providing wonderful evidence of the types we like to consort with when its suitable.

Musharraf's "Second Coup" In Pakistan

This is the guy that came into power a few years back by virtue of a military coup, overthrowing a democratically elected government (making him an ideal partner in Bush’s crusade to bring democracy to the middle east!). The other day, he suspended the Constitution, fired the Supreme Court and declared martial law. Now it turns out, as the Courts were finally about to weigh in on the legitimacy of his presidency, he yells "Islamic extremism", and then then brings the hammer down.

He’s squashed the media and arrested political opponents. Then, he quotes Lincoln.

At least we can say Musharraf knows his American history better than most Americans do.

I wonder, does anyone worry that this could happen here in America?


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