Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Conservative Begs Democratic Congress For Help

Hat tip to Sparks From the Anvil

John Campbell at the Townhall.com blog whines:
So far, the House of Representatives this year has taken over 1,000 separate votes which has surpassed the most recorded votes ever in the history of Congress. We also have been "in session" voting for 146 days so far, which is also headed to a record number of days in Washington, DC. So, that's the input.

But what about the output? So far, only 107 bills have been signed into law. Over half of these were either naming something (like a post office) or extending an existing law that was scheduled to expire. several more were simple land transfers from government to government. National Review has suggested that has been only one piece of legislation of any significance that has passed and been signed into law which was the increase in the minimum wage. This Congress is on track to pass the fewest bills since electronic records have been kept. Furthermore, Congress has failed to send a single appropriations (budget/spending) bill to the President after a full month into the fiscal year. The is the first time Congress has failed to do so since 1987.

So, arguably, this Congress has been the least productive Congress ever.
And this is a serious problem because…well, um…how is this a problem?

The real problem is with modern Conservatives, and Statists in general. They gauge the job performance of politicians by the volume of laws and regulations that are passed.

More new laws = Better Government. Fewer new laws = Bad government.

I think there are some serious questions we need to ask: Haven’t they done enough already? What more do we want government to do? Why is it that we look to government to "lead" us, solve our problems, and create a better society?

In my opinion, if Congress were to take the next year (or two, or three, or ten...) off, you would hear NO complaints here. The last thing we need is a bunch of busybody politicians running around trying to "fix" societies problems – real or imaginary. They always screw things up, create new problems, or make old problems worse. Political solutions always fail to deliver what they promise.

Oh, and how lucky we are to have Conservatives clamoring for government to do more.


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