Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Immigration Nonsense

When you embrace the principle that the State has the proper moral authority to decide where peaceful individuals may live and work, is it any surprise that you get such stories as this?

Immigrant's family detained after daughter speaks out

Whether or not there was some evil conspiracy afoot by this truly evil bureaucracy (yeah, I said it, so what?), the timing on this arrest is awfully suspicious. But my real question for the Anti-Immigrant crowd is simply this: what exactly is the crime being committed here? Have they violated someone’s rights or property? Have they harmed another person in anyway? What is it about these people that makes them dangerous enough to unleash the dogs of war on them?

The only answers the Anti-Immigrant crowd will be able to generate are vague and incoherent collectivist slogans about "we the people" and the "sanctity of the law", while they overlook basic moral tenets and the principles of individual liberty and human rights. For them, the decrees issued by some group of politicians trump any notions of morality and justice.


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