Sunday, July 15, 2007

Libertarians In Action Fighting Tax Increases, Example No. 3678402736392

On Friday, over 55,000 signatures were turned into the Hamilton County Board of Elections to force the county to put up "Jail Tax" to a vote. The petitions were submitted by a coalition of groups that included, suprise!, libertarians from the Cincinnati area.

Whether or not you think the tax should be levied is beside the point. What this ballot initiative is about is whether or not the people of Hamilton County should be consulted before they get taxed to pay for the costs of making up for poor government policies in the past regarding the issue. Too many times, government officials make willy-nilly decisions which turn out to be foolhardy, costly, and just plain disastrous in the long run, and then turn around and point a gun at the taxpayers to clean up the mess.

Well, not this time, say these Hamilton County activists.

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