Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Patriot's Response to Guiliani

The Ron Paul candidacy sure is making some waves. Honestly, I'm a bit surprised, as much as I welcome the shake-up. I never expected Paul to get much national attention. However, since the recent debates in South Carolina, he's gotten a lot of attention for expressing his lone view (for a Republican, that is), that it was American Foreign Policy that inspired the 9-11 attacks. And it was none other "America's Mayor" Rudy Guiliani that took the most offense to Paul's stance, and took up the "I Am A Propaganda Parrot" Banner, and waved it mightily for all to see.

Anyway, Nelson Hultberg of Americans for A Free Republic posted an interesting article in which he lays out some questions for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Mayor:

I would ask Mr. Giuliani the following questions: "What if Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia were one country called Persia, and it was a sophisticated world superpower? How would we like it if this superpower Persia was constantly intervening into our affairs to guarantee a steady supply of our wheat and corn by shoring up political dictatorships in several of our states with loans, weapons and advice? Is this not what America has done in the Mideast during the past 60 years by shoring up the Shah of Iran and his ruthless secret police, by shoring up the House of Saud which lives in Marie Antoinette style while dispensing crumbs to its people, and by shoring up several other smaller satrapies in the region? Is this not what we have done to guarantee a steady supply of Mideast oil?

The article has some interesting points, as well as some flawed tangents, but it is a pretty good article on the whole. Take a read.


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