Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Libertarians Fighting Taxes (again!)

Another from the inbox! - LJ

To Recipient of this Very Important Email:

The trusted leaders of Cuyahoga County are attempting to levy a 1/4% increase on our sales tax to fund their wasteful spy cameras, bloated salaries and other beaurocracy that enslaves us all. We can prevent this.

We have a limited amount of time to act on this to make it a ballot issue, rather than a filthy executive order. It seems as though Bush's executive power grabbing is becoming contagious.

We are now recruiting liberty-loving petitioners to get this measure on the ballot, which then will, as historically it has, be voted down. More of our own money in our pockets to feed our families, less big government waste.

If you want to take a stand against government tyranny and support individual liberty, contact myself (sic) at 216-688-0994 and leave a message containing name and phone, or simply reply to this message. An alternate contact would be David Macko at I recommend both email addresses.

Thank you for your assistance in this ongoing fight against government waste and tyranny.

Todd E. Maher
Chair, Lake County Libertarian Party

P.S. Feel free to send this message to as many of your friends as possible so that we may deflate this injustice in its footsteps.


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