Sunday, April 09, 2006

Polls and the Wasted Vote

Hat tip to 40 Degrees North

It seems that the polls have Republicans against the ropes. Strickland holds a 10 point lead on both the Republican front-runners.

My question: Is this really any surprise? I mean, who really takes Republicans seriously these days?

With scandal after scandal, and their empty rhetoric about supporting smaller government, individual liberty, and personal responsibility finally being exposed for the complete joke that it is, are we really surprised that the electorate is waking up to the reality that the Republican party is completely bankrupt - morally, ideologically, and politically?

Yet, how many “conservatives” will still cling to the hope that maybe, just maybe, if they vote Republican one more time, THIS time will be different - that we will get some people in office who will restrain government, and restore our liberties?

People say voting libertarian is a “wasted” vote. If you ask me, voting Republican is not only a wasted vote, it’s a waste of time, and one ends up looking pretty stupid trying to justify their vote when the things that we get are the complete opposite of what we say we want.

(To prove my point: How many of you “conservatives” out there voted for Bob Taft? Mike DeWine? Bush? Be honest…. How many will vote Republican right down the line this year?)


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