Friday, March 24, 2006

Callahan on Malkin's Dilemma

From Gene Callahan (the author of one of the best books for ordinary people on economics, ever! ) over at Crash Landing....

Regarding the recent story of the Muslim-turned-Christian, who is being sentenced to death in Afghanistan for his "crime", he writes about Michelle Malkin's confused outrage:

Michelle Malkin is upset about the Afghani government planning to execute a man for converting to Christianity, but understandably she is somewhat at a loss as to what to do about it... She'd like to call for the US to invade Afghanistan, overthrow its government, and install one of American choosing, but of course America already has invaded Afghanistan, already has overthrown its government, and the offending ruling body is the very one that the US installed.

(You have to see the picture of Malkin posted...It's hilarious.)

Gene brings up a very good point that is bound to puzzle Warmongers everywhere. How can this happen in a place that we've already "liberated" from the clutches of "Evil-Doers" who oppress and brutalize their people under a repressive, theocratic, "Islamofascist" regime?

Our policies aren't meant to "spread Democracy" or "liberate foreigners", or fulfill any other high-sounding, Utopian fantasies. Our foriegn policies are designed to do one thing: maintain, intensify, and expand global hegemony for the Empire.

Human rights be damned.


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