Thursday, April 27, 2006

Plain Dealer Reporter Commits Libel; Conservative Ideologue Scores A Point

Recently, I’ve had some disagreements with a fellow blogger friend of mine, Speedothebrief, over at The Conservatorium of Conservatism on the issue of media bias. I've taken Speedo to task for making the non-statement that (duh!) the media is “biased” – in his view, a “liberal” bias – and that his time would be better spent pursuing more substantive issues.

Of course, as a libertarian, whose views are all but ignored by the “mainstream” media, its easy for me to sit back on my high horse and scoff at the incessant whining of him and his kind.

That is, until I see an article like this, in which the libertarian label is so blatantly slandered, one can only marvel at the sheer audacity - not to mention complete ignorance - of the author.

Here we have a former Geauga County Commissioner who advocates sterilization and castration of welfare mothers and deadbeat dads described as a “Republican-turned-Libertarian”.

Before I even had the chance to soundly scold this writer for spreading such vicious libel, I was told that Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Peirce wrote a letter to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, asserting that Mr. Albert most certainly was NOT anything close to resembling a libertarian. While libertarians do believe in holding people accountable for their actions, no libertarian would ever agree that such cruel and unusual, not to mention barbaric, punishments would ever be suitable.

In the next few days, the following letter is expected to be published in that paper:

Michael O'Malley's article about Geauga County Commissioner Craig Albert (P.D., 27 April 2006) describes him as "Republican-turned-Libertarian." I object. Nothing in libertarian philosophy and no plank of the Libertarian Party platform could be construed to defend sterilization of welfare mothers or castration of fathers who fail to pay child support. Libertarians believe in individual freedom and responsibility and object to violence by government and efforts by government to control the bodies and lives of its citizens.

Call Mr. Albert any names you like, but don't call him Libertarian.

Bill Peirce
Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Ohio

Dr. Peirce was much more civil than I would have been, that’s for sure.

But in the humble spirit so admirably displayed by Dr. Peirce, let me offer this olive branch:

Speedo…you may be right. Media bias is a real bitch.


Blogger Brian Duffy said...


We have a saying in the Army, “know your enemy.” I take a lot of time to understand not only my beliefs, but also those I oppose. You would not be surprised about conservatism if you knew what Conservatism really is (and I am not talking about the RINO, Limbaugh, Hannity “cock a’ la la”).

While to you and me we may be far apart, currently we are very close when one considers the threat of big government socialism.

8:40 PM  
Blogger Libertarian Jason said...

I'm well versed in the writings of many "conservative" thinkers: Hayek, Burke, etc. But when it comes to what "conservatism really is", I think its important to look at conservatism as it _expresses itself_.

We don't live in a text book. We live in a real world, populated by real people, who behave accordingly to their real beliefs. If you object to how Conservatism is being expressed today - via the Limbaughs and Hannitys of the world - then I would suggest you start opening fire on the Conservative movement yourself...take it back from these apologists for the State.

Because otherwise, you have a bunch of socialists running around claiming their "conservative", when they really aren't.

7:03 PM  

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