Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Look at Libertarian Party Politics

Yes, folks… Believe it or not, the Libertarian Party does have it’s own internal “politics”, just like the Ds and the Rs. And just as the followers of Socialist Parties “A” and “B” like to speculate who will be their “guy” in 2008, so has speculation on the LP’s Presidential Candidate begun.

So far, the absolute best summary of the prospective politics in the 2008 Libertarian Party presidential nomination has been done by Tom Knapp on his blog, Knappster, in a series entitled “First Look 2008”.

Here are the entries in this series:

First Look 2008: Karen Kwiatowski

First look 2008: Concerning Libertarian presidential campaigns

First Look 2008: Michael Badnarik

First Look 2008: Some asides

First Look 2008: George Phillies

As more candidates announce their intentions, and/or other developments occur which will impact the race, I’m sure Tom will continue to weigh in on these matters. So far, I think he has done a great job highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate’s qualifications. Furthermore, as the race isn’t going to be decided for another 2 years, it sure is going to be interesting to watch how each of these campaigns develop.


Anonymous Jake Porter said...

I think this will be an interesting race to watch.

It is a lot of fun to think about who the next nominee will be.

Jake Porter
Web Development and Video Advertising

1:33 PM  

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