Monday, April 10, 2006

Film Review: John Q.

Occassionally, I write reviews of books, music, and movies over at . This past weekend, I rented the movie John Q. , starring Denzel Washington. It's a few years old and was Washington's first film after winning the academy award, but I hadn't seen it before and it was cheap, so why not?

After watching it, and realizing that it was a thinly-veiled propaganda film, I decided to post a review of it. You may read it here.

What this film is attempting to do is make a case for socialized medicine. Because of big, bad, evil, and greedy hospitals, HMOs, and other capitalist types, human needs – in this case, a heart transplant – are being neglected at every turn because rich people want to get richer, the poor, working class be damned. As is mentioned repeatedly in the film, if the current system is so bad, then people are advised to “write your congressman”. The overwhelming message is that health-care doesn’t operate on market principles, and therefore, due to what economists call “market failure”, a government solution is demanded.

But is that the case? Absolutely not.


Anonymous Jeremy Couch said...

This is the only movie I've ever walked out on. I saw this movie in the theater with a bunch of friends and ended up spending 30 minutes or more standing outside the theater. It was either leave or get thrown out for screaming back at the screen.

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Libertarian Jason said...

Thanks, Jeremy.... Let me know when you get your site up and running....

8:02 AM  
Blogger maconleary said...

Fuck you

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Jeremy Couch said...

Will do. That's to Jason not Macon... lol

1:37 AM  
Anonymous Libertarian Jason said...

Tsk, tsk... Some State-Worshipper has his panties all in a bunch.

Real courageous leaving a dead link, and no contact info.

Looks like I'm having an impact!

7:23 AM  

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