Saturday, April 29, 2006

Do Reading and Politicians Mix?

E.J. Montani is whining about how Arizona politicians sneak in their unpopular pet projects into bills that eventually get passed. (Federal politicians do similar things, I am sure, only in different ways…)

It's called a "strike-all" amendment, in which the title of a proposed law is retained but the actual language is replaced with something completely different. You might have read about it in Sunday's paper. It's really simple.

Every bill proposed by a lawmaker is given a title. It then goes through a series of hearings before various committees, in which people like us can make comments about it, in favor or against. Sometimes, after a pet project fails, a politician will take another bill, strike out all the language below the title and replace it with his or her failed bill.

Perhaps they need a “Read the Bills Act”, like the DownsizeDC Foundation is trying to promote.

Imagine a radical idea like that…Politicians actually reading the laws they pass? Who would propose a silly idea like that?

Only someone who cares about clean and open government, that’s who.


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