Saturday, March 04, 2006

More Harry Browne Tributes

There have been many articles, blog posts, and news stories covering the sad developments in the Liberty movement, as Harry Browne passed away earlier this week. I'm still trying to collect my thoughts on how to eulogize the man who convinced me personally to commit myself fully to the cause of liberty. For now, here is a small collection of remembrances of a great man.

Los Angeles Times : Harry Browne, 1933-2006

Lew Rockwell: Harry Browne, RIP

Anthony Gregory: Harry Browne’s Cogent Wisdom, and Why I’m A Libertarian

Carla Howell’s “The One and Only Harry Browne” and Michael Cloud’s “A Goodbye Letter to Harry Browne”

Anthony Wile: Memories of Harry Browne

Jim Babka and Perry Willis : Harry Browne, RIP

Thomas L. Knapp: Harry Browne, 1933-2006

Richard Ebeling: Harry Browne (1933-2006)

Brian M. Doherty: Harry Browne, RIP

Stephen Funk: How I Found Harry In An Unfree World

Bob Smith: We lost a fine gentleman

James Babb: Harry Browne: 1933-2006

Stephen Gordon: Former Libertarian presidential candidate passes away

Mike Kole: Harry Browne, 1933-2006

Karina Rollins, National Review: Flashback on Harry Browne


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