Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bill Peirce on

I'm glad to see is giving a lot of space to Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Peirce in their "Open Mike" section. A lot of his thoughtful ideas about what Ohio needs can be read here.

After reading alot of his ideas, I find it amazing that anyone truly interested in a more prosperous Ohio wouldn't seriously consider giving Peirce their vote. I find it even more incredible that more fiscal conservatives (who should know better) still will ignore all non-Republicans as a "wasted vote".

Then again...I may be a bit biased.

Check out "How to Make Our Economic Problems Worse" and "Choose A Future for Ohio". Both articles explain what's wrong with Ohio and present a positive vision for prosperity and growth.


Anonymous stranger said...

i think the current fumbling around by the bush administration, as well as the lack of action on the part of the dems, could cause a lot of progress for the LP this year. at least i'm keeping my fingers crossed. i know that at least a lot of the people i know, who have listened to me rant about politics for a decade, are finally starting to come around and say "you know what? i just might have to do that." not only that, but the media is finally starting to pay a bit more attention to us, too - let's just hope it's enough to get a serious message across.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Libertarian Jason said...

Thanks, Stranger... (Or are you "Strangerina"?)... Here in Ohio, the State is a complete mess, thanks to 20 years of Republican rule. There's corruption scandal after corruption scandal...and myopic Conservatives tend to still think that more Republicanism is the answer.

8:08 AM  

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