Friday, February 24, 2006

Another Senseless Murder by the Nanny State

Hat tip to Capital Freedom (See her post on this story here or here )

About a month ago, this story appeared.

I have a question for all you moral-busybodies, nanny-statists, and puritanical-Conservatives out there:

What exactly was the “crime” here?

What exactly did Dr. Culosi do here that would warrant having armed men approach him with the intent of physically apprehending him and tossing him in a cage?

Was killing him worth it?

Now, I know what some of you will say: “Oh, it was an accident. We can’t help that. Mistakes happen, and it’s a regretful tragedy.”

But to rationalize this as a simple mistake is completely disingenuous, and shows a profound lack of intellectual responsibility. The fact of the matter is, as long as we embrace the principle that the State should be charged with the authority to decide how people live their private lives, and punish people for actions which harm no other person, the rest is simply follow-through. The fact of the matter is, Dr. Culosi would be alive today, practicing his trade and benefitting society in process, if all you moral-Nazis didn’t insist that the government punish people for engaging in voluntary and consensual acts of which you don’t personally approve.

The blood of Dr. Culosi, it would seem, is on YOUR hands.

Are you proud?

Say what you want about the detrimental affects of gambling, how addiction of any sort “destroys” families, and whatnot. But the bottom line is that the solution you propose is to empower politicians to decide what’s best for everyone, and overruling an individual’s right to pursue happiness in his own manner. You, my Statemongering friends, are the vanguard of political correctness. You are the ones who, if you're honest enough to admit, wish to use violence against people who think and act differently than you. Because, let’s face it: say it wasn’t an “accident”, and that the good Dr. really did resist his kidnappers. They were charged with a duty to apprehend him, and have the authority to commit whatever level of violence necessary to subdue him.

Authority given by YOU.

(And not to pick on Christians, but they are the ones who seem to be the most neurotic about the legalization of otherwise consensual, victimless “crimes” such as gambling. Given that…can we really claim Christianity – as represented by the political views of probably 99.9% of modern adherents - is anything but a religion of violence?)


Blogger doinkicarus said...

I haven't really chimed in on this subject yet. Haven't done the research, but nevertheless feel that using a SWAT team to serve a normal warrant for arrest is overkill *no pun intended*

I pretty much summed up my stance over at Capital Freedom's blog earlier today.

Im a staunch opponent of any use of SWAT teams for anything other than hostage breaches or other *already* volatile situation.

3:25 AM  
Blogger Libertarian Jason said...

Doink -

Yes.. That makes the whole situation all that much more ridiculous....


4:05 PM  
Anonymous Ken said...

Welcome to Amerika.

If you're about to die, and you need emergency room care, it's a "nanny state" if societ foots the bill. If you want to smoke a joint or gamble, it's "morality" if the government stops you.

This is the face of Christian facism.

8:17 PM  

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