Sunday, March 19, 2006

Property Rights: The REAL Social Security

Cincinnati. Isn’t that the native American word for “land of thieves”?

As if the Norwood travesty wasn’t enough, it seems as if the politicians down there won’t rest until they beat up yet another little old lady. This time, it’s an 87 year-old SWF who’s looking at the possibility of being kicked out on to the streets.

When will it end?

And for all you “conservatives” out there, who think that the last best hope for property rights is to have more of your kind elected to office, I’d like to point out that one of the most Conservative members of the State House, Bill Seitz (R, of course), has NOT been very supportive of reforming the laws which government Eminent Domain in Ohio. Cincinnati is home to Ken Blackwell. Has he made any statements regarding the egregious use of Eminent Domain? What about Pietro? Montgomery? Hell, what about Taft?

(Ok, you caught me... Taft is a joke.)

Are there ANY prominent Republicans out there making an issue out of the abuse of the most basic element of the American Dream?

Yet, most of you will walk into the voting booth and November and punch the ‘R’ button, because the alternative – those hippy-dippy, Communist Democrats – are just too much of a threat.

Newsflash! Your property rights are under siege NOW. Republicans are in power at all levels of government, and your right to property is being trampled, NOW. How could voting Republican (again) possibly be seen as a desire to stop the theft?

Well… At least Bill Peirce is making an issue out of defending our senior citizens, who worked long and hard to enjoy a secure retirement.


Blogger Lisa Renee said...

Have you heard any update as to how he is doing in collecting signatures?

I wanted to try to help, but we are currently without a car so I'm hoping that will be resolved soon but I think it's very important he be on the ballot. I haven't decided if I am going to vote for him or not, but I'd like the choice.

2:39 PM  
Blogger Libertarian Jason said...

Lisa -

Send an email to the campaign.. They are working hard at getting signatures... Even if you could get 40 or 50 sigs...(about 2 hours worth of work)...that would benefit them greatly.


3:00 PM  

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