Saturday, February 09, 2008

تتوق للتنفس الحرة

A lot of Armchair Warriors like to charge us more rational types of wanting to appease and surrender to the terrorists because we think there is a better way to solve problems than by carpet-bombing third world countries, propping up foreign dictators with foreign aid, establishing a worldwide network of secret prisons and torture room, and using our CIA undermine democratically elected governments. To hear them describe it, you would think we were actual agents of Al Qaeda, and should be hauled off to Guantanamo and subjected “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

It got me thinking…how does Yearning to Breathe Free translate into Arabic?

According to this translator:

تتوق للتنفس الحرة

In a non-related (and older) story:

Dissident Saudi Blogger Is Arrested: Popular Internet Commentator Had Called for Political Reform

I wonder what his blog was called. Hopefully, it wasn’t Yearning to Breathe Free. I’d hate to be mixed up with him. Hmmm.... Perhaps Conservatives are right and we need to have a national ID card…or at least a number tattooed on our forearm…to prevent such identity mishaps from ever occurring. Better yet, we could have a microchip implanted in our brains when we are born, that way we'll never have to worry about it. Come to think of it, maybe the Conservatives have a point when they advocate the State implement some sort of national registry of all citizens.

After all, how else can a farmer keep track of his inventory of livestock?


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