Friday, February 08, 2008

What Choice for Peace AND Prosperity Voters?

In his latest op-ed piece, Doug Bandow says,
The appalling presidential election campaign drags on. On Super Tuesday Democrats split almost evenly between Hillary Clinton, a hawk turned slightly dovish, and Barack Obama, an Iraq war opponent who otherwise has found no foreign intervention he opposes. A divided Republican electorate boosted John McCain, an enthusiast of war in the Mideast (Iraq and Iran), Europe (the Balkans), and Asia (North Korea). Electoral laggards Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee match McCain's rhetoric, but their commitment to at least one war on every continent is less certain.

Amidst this gaggle of warrior wannabees ready to sacrifice American lives for mostly frivolous national "interests," Ron Paul labors on. The only genuinely anti-war candidate left in the race, he is largely ignored by the media and despised by establishment political interests. He obviously won't be winning the Republican nomination; he now must decide whether to "go independent" in the general election.
The article continues on with Bandow commenting on the meaning of a McCain candidacy, the effect on conservatives, and the prospects for an Independent presidential campaign by Ron Paul. While he makes some very astute points about the GOP, Democrats, conservatives, and independents, I have to disagree with him when he makes a suggestion that an independent Ron Paul candidacy would attract conservative voters. In my experience, as I see now, Conservatives keep moving themselves away from the most conservative option on the table – Ron Paul. They will eventually fall in line with McCain because, let’s face it, they’re not going to vote Democrat. Conservatives will never leave the GOP plantation. They’re stuck there. And that’s why their candidates are always so piss-poor.

But Bandow has a closing point that I have to whole-heartedly agree with:
Advocates of liberty have no major party home. Since 2001 the Republicans have proved to be particularly inhospitable to anyone who believes in both peace and prosperity. The nomination of John McCain should drive away even more of those who support constitutional governance.

Amen, Doug. Amen.


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