Thursday, February 14, 2008

Judge Dredd Saves Humanity from Scourge of Skateboarders

So here we have some kids skateboarding in a public area, which probably was annoying to some people enough to call the cops in to put a halt to this crime against humanity.

Whew! Thank god! Another crisis averted! Civilization has been saved from the barbarians at the gates!

Notice how angry the enforcer gets when the kid (whose probably feeling pretty tense in the face of such an over-the-top display of domination) keeps calling him “dude” and “man”. This cop feels personally slighted that the kid does not recognize the holy symbol (aka. Badge) that he is wearing. To the cop, this kid needs a stern lesson in “who’s the boss?”, so that he’ll grow up to be a compliant servant of the State.

I like how the cop says that unless this kid learns this lesson, he may not live very long. Freudian slip? Perhaps. After all, the police have the authority to shoot you if you resist their demands.

Perhaps he should have Tased the kids. That’s what they are going to start doing in the UK


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