Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Fallout Continues

And given that the War was cited as the overwhelming reason for the Republican loss, the point man for the war is quitting.

(There was no word on whether Bush commented, “You’re doing a great job, Rummy!” shortly before the elections….)

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Just two years ago, when Bush won re-election almost single-handedly on his record as a “war president”, he bragged about his “political capital”, and was emboldened by what he perceived to be validation by the voters for the Iraq bloodbath. He stubbornly continued to pursue his war with reckless myopia, employing the propaganda machines with full force when any sort of criticism was directly his way. He was right, and come hell or high water, damn it, he was taking America and Iraq to a Utopia of democracy, peace, and prosperity.

And now, it has all backfired. Even Bush cannot deny what is plainly obvious to even the simplest voter. His glorious plans are a failure. He’s scrambling to find some political capital, and so it makes total sense that he makes a change in the position that is in charge of executing the war. It won’t change anything, of course. The next two years will be a living hell for Dubya, and his party lies in ruins. One can only hope that the Democrats don’t go too socialist on our dead asses. But if they do…it’s the fault of Conservatives and the monolithic police State they’ve built.


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